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GlossaryLanguagesEntry countLast updatedOwner
Oil & Gasanglisht, portugalisht7Today
Automotiveanglisht, portugalisht4Today
Chéli1anglisht, frëngjisht, italisht, spanjisht224Today
Mario Freitasanglisht, portugalisht3,990Today
Glossary: Business, Finance, Law, Patentsanglisht, frëngjisht, gjermanisht, italisht, spanjisht2,125Today
Italian to Frenchfrëngjisht, italisht5Today
CS-EN (UK) miscellaneousanglisht, greqisht, sllovakisht, çekisht325Today
angelgloss/legalanglisht, frëngjisht, gjermanisht, holandisht, italisht, spanjisht78Today
Rus Enanglisht, rusisht221Today
EN-RU_Maritimeanglisht, rusisht20Today
Glossary: Chemistry, Medicine, Scienceanglisht, frëngjisht, gjermanisht, italisht, spanjisht707Today
EN-ITanglisht, gjermanisht, italisht2,655Today
EL-EN medical/pharmaceuticalanglisht, greqisht553Today
Glossary_Vidkovskaiaanglisht, rusisht263Today
Respuestas KudoZanglisht, frëngjisht, italisht, rusisht, spanjisht277Today
EN<>IT Legal Dictionaryanglisht, italisht108Today
DE-ITanglisht, gjermanisht, italisht1,853Today
Glossaire de procédure françaisefrëngjisht, spanjisht12Today
OVL Legalanglisht, frëngjisht, rusisht2,341Today
English to Farsi (Persian)anglisht, farsisht, persisht426Today
Farsi (Persian) to Englishanglisht, farsisht, persisht155Today
Glosar generalanglisht, gjermanisht, rumanisht332Today
M.Izadianglisht, darisht, farsisht, persisht311Today
My Glossaryanglisht, farsisht, persisht200Today
Hossein Moradianglisht, farsisht1Today
IT Glossary (English-Korean)anglisht, koreanisht121Today
Technical Termsanglisht, spanjisht3Today
Spanish-English Glossary on General Business, Law and Taxation Termsanglisht, spanjisht100Today
MRC Translations - English-Portugueseanglisht, portugalisht, spanjisht1,071Today
Lesia glossanglisht, rusisht12Oct 25
Sports Trixieanglisht, frëngjisht, gjermanisht, italisht, portugalisht, spanjisht351Oct 25
ownanglisht, arabisht, boshnjakisht, bullgarisht, frëngjisht, gjermanisht, italisht, katalanisht, kroatisht, serbisht, shqip, suedisht, çekisht1,637Oct 25
Sophie Meis Glossaryanglisht, farsisht, persisht255Oct 25
AYN Glossaryanglisht, japonisht, portugalisht10Oct 25
Pharmaanglisht, turqisht50Oct 25
Saruroanglisht, portugalisht, spanjisht305Oct 25
IT-ENanglisht, italisht81Oct 25
ETanglisht, frëngjisht, italisht266Oct 25
General expressionsanglisht, portugalisht386Oct 25
Moranoanglisht, arabisht314Oct 25
CS-ENanglisht, greqisht, sllovakisht, çekisht342Oct 25
bettanglisht, italisht, portugalisht652Oct 24
Glosarioanglisht, spanjisht1,979Oct 24
Marwa seleem medicalanglisht, arabisht65Oct 24
Law/Patents - Law (general) / UEanglisht, polonisht, rusisht1,126Oct 24
CS-EN medical/pharmaceuticalanglisht, çekisht584Oct 24
Drmanu49 glossaryanglisht, frëngjisht, holandisht, italisht, polonisht, spanjisht6,746Oct 24
LATIN OBSCENITIESitalisht, latinisht814Oct 24
Microbiology Terminologyanglisht, portugalisht8Oct 23
Rechtgjermanisht, italisht15Oct 23
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