termination policy

This site serves as a place for language companies and language service providers to meet and engage in good-faith transactions. Use of the site in a dishonest or fraudulent manner will result in termination of site use and associated privileges. The staff of, the company providing the technology for this site, has established the following policy for the termination of offending outsourcers:

  • If a total of two complaints regarding a single outsourcer have been received from unrelated sources, a warning will be issued to the outsourcer. The warning will serve as notification to the suspected party that its privileges are in jeopardy. The outsourcer's access to job posting and profile messaging may be suspended as a precaution until all non-payment issues have been resolved.

  • Upon receipt of a third complaint, the issue will be brought to staff for review. At its sole discretion, staff may then choose to suspend or revoke the outsourcer's right to use

NOTE: As explained in the user agreement, and notwithstanding the above policy, reserves the right to refuse access to this site to any party without giving a reason. To issue a complaint, submit a detailed message to support staff via the support center.

Please include any information related to a particular job (i.e. date posted, language pairs, title, page URL, etc.) Information provided in complaints will be kept confidential.